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What an amazing and CRAZY couple of months it has been! Thank you all for your prayers. I will be sending out a detailed mailed update at the end of May, but I wanted to send you all a quick update via email. If you aren’t on my (snail) mailing list, please send me your information!

Much progress has been made, and Lord willing I will be leaving first week of July!

Here are some things I have been busy with in these past months:

BRCC WorldLead

Early in March I had the privilege of attending Boca Raton Community Church‘s WorldLead conference. This was a gathering of the others my church is supporting from all over the world! This was an amazing opportunity as I got to spend a whole week getting to know and learning alongside others doing God’s work internationally. It was also an encouragement to spend time with my sending church and get to know the others they are supporting.

Pioneers Pre-Field Training

Near the end of March I had the joy of visiting my sending organization Pioneers and spending time at their Pre-field training. This was also incredibly encouraging as I got to spend some time with several others on a similar journey as I am. I received valuable training from Pioneers and came back excited for what God is doing.

EMT Certification

This month I also completed my EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) course. This is advantageous as I took the course as a resource and preliminary medical knowledge for work on the field.

coming plans

As I mentioned, Lord willing I will be leaving in the first week of July! I will be departing Southern California mid-May and will be back in South Florida for much of June as I make final preparations.

progress & prayer requests

Please continue to pray for spiritual protection and guidance, as well as my funding. Many of you came alongside of me in the month of March, and I have been blown away by God’s faithfulness.

PRAISE THE LORD I am nearly 75% on my departure costs! I am still needing to raise some funds but this percentage is getting me close to being able to purchase my plane ticket.

I am also 62% on my monthly pledges! This has been a great encouragement. Would you consider committing to partner with me regularly?

I am still in need of:

  • 5 people to commit to $10/month
  • 5 people to commit to $20/month
  • 4 people to commit to $50/month
  • and 3 people to commit to $100/month

Would you prayerfully consider this? To commit to monthly giving, fill out the Pioneers EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) application online, or mail in the Credit Card Transaction form to Pioneers.

Many of you have already partnered with me either financially or by committing to pray. Thank you so much for your support. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have you on my sending team!

I am looking forward to what God has already planned for these next couple of months. Stay tuned!

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