The Clock is Ticking

counting down

The clock is ticking and I am so excited that I am now counting down the days until my departure! Lord-willing, if I am able to raise all of my support in time, I will be departing for Southeast Asia this coming July 1.

Hopefully many of you received a recent letter from me in the mail. If you did not, and would like to, please send me your information so I can send one your way.

Once I reach Southeast Asia, I will be working with those already there to reach Southeast Asians through Christian Education. Education is something that is very close to my heart, so I am very excited about this new possibility!

progress & needs

I am very excited to announce that by the grace of God I am nearly 80% fundraised. My sending organization Pioneers requires I am 100% fundraised before I depart. Would you be willing to help me with this last 20%? Here are my needs:

  • 3 people to commit to $10/month
  • 2 people to commit to $20/month
  • 2 people to commit to $50/month
  • 1 person to commit to $100/month

If you are feeling led to partner with me but are unable to do so monthly, I need one-time supporters as well to help me get there. Would you prayerfully consider partnering with me?

To do so, click here (Faith Wilson, Acct #111497) to partner monthly, and click here to donate one-time.

prayer requests

My other huge need is prayer partners! Would you be willing to commit to pray for me? You can download my prayer card, or if you see me around before I leave just ask me for one. Here are some specific prayer requests:

  • endurance through final preparations
  • healthy, meaningful goodbyes
  • provision of needs
  • protection against anything that could get in the way of my departure

I cannot thank you all enough for the many ways you have supported me through this process. I look forward to my next update coming from Southeast Asia!

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