Last night I was at a concert for the band “Ok Go”. Known for their creative yet simple music videos, Ok Go embodies some of my favorite things about creativity. Even though their lyrics aren’t always eternally focused, they strive to make incredible things out of little. The Wall Street Journal and USA Today put it as, “OK Go is the polymath band who – with only five bucks and a camcorder – did what none of the giant record labels could, inventing a new way for a band to connect with fans and changing the way people think about music and the Internet.”

This inspires me. How can we, as Christians, change the way people think about God and Christianity, with “only five bucks and a camcorder”? I think God has already equipped us–with the creative brain He’s given each of us.

Speaking of five bucks and a camcorder, with the help of my Dad I recently put together some of my thoughts about creativity on video. Check it out, and look forward to more audio and video snippets about what God is teaching me in the near future.

I have been encouraged this month through many of you. While I still have quite a ways to go on my fund raising, I have been blessed and encouraged as many have recently come to me with unique and creative ways they are able to contribute.

Please continue to pray for my support raising, that this process would be able to uplift and encourage all who participate. Also, I ask, if any of you have any connections or know of anyone who would be interested in hearing more about my vision, please let me know.

Thanks for all the prayers and support!

2 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. Wonderful video on creativity…it embodies my whole philosophy! We are designed to think way way way outside the box! One of the things that really excites me in Women’s Ministry is to see women discover that they truly are creative,in thought and deed (we make everything!)One small step in the creative direction leads to many more.
    You are giving those children an incredible gift!!
    You are a blessing!

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