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Prayer Requests & Praises

25 July 2014
  • for the adaptation of new students in TransformNation
  • for schools and villages throughout Indonesia which don’t yet have the opportunity for quality education
  • for our four recent graduates of TransformNation as they go out to serve and lead in under-resourced areas throughout Indonesia
  • for Indonesia as it transitions to a historic new president

4 March 2014
  • Please pray for us as we are in the process of growing our teacher training program, named TransformNation. Currently in our third year, we will be adding at least 10 more students next year. I will be traveling to some different islands to recruit over the next month. Please pray for wisdom and that God would speak clearly as to who should enter our program next year.
  • Please pray for our three students who will graduate this year, specifically as they finish their major senior thesis
  • Please pray for the victims of the Kelud volcanic eruption
  • Please pray for continued guidance as we build the program and look for new ways to grow our resources and facilities

5 September 2013
  • THANK YOU for praying for my visa! PTL it came through relatively smoothly and I was able to enter without too many issues.
  • Please pray for my 11 daughters as they begin university classes next week.
  • Pray for my adjustment and responsibilities as MOM
  • Pray for rest, that I would manage my time and energy well
  • Pray for the continued growth and formation of our teacher training program as we continue to build it
  • Pray for God to open doors and relationships with Indonesians that can work together with us to bring quality teachers to villages all over the country

3 October 2012
  • Pray for the development of our teacher training program
  • Pray for guidance and inspiration as I teach and live with the students in the program
  • Pray for guidance and discernment as I look at shaping my ministry over the next several months
  • Pray for our team here and the many opportunities we have to be a part of God’s work in this country

11 June 2012

  • For S-Village
  • For the short term teams coming this summer, that God would prepare their hearts and ours, and that God would open doors for their maximal effectivity
  • For the 5 new students in our teacher training program, as well as the 4 returning students
  • That God would continue to guide us in developing our teacher training program
  • That God would continue to awaken dreams in the hearts of our students who are graduating this year
  • For our grade 12 graduates as they continue on to University
  • For safety and guidance as I continue site visits

7 April 2012

  • praise that God has provided someone to go to S-village
  • pray for the national partner we are sending to S-village, that God would give wisdom and direction about next steps, and that she would be spiritually protected
  • prayer for funds to continue to be provided for the new teacher training center
  • praise for my students’ growth over the last few months
  • pray for their continued growth and preparation for our upcoming short term m-trip
  • pray for one of our schools in a further area that is experiencing persecution
  • praise for breakthroughs in language learning
  • pray for continued breakthroughs in language and culture learning
  • pray for a smooth transition into my new living situation and ministry
  • pray for direction and wisdom as I determine my role for the coming year
  • pray for health

5 March 2012

  • pray for God to provide the funding for the new Teacher Training and Early Childhood Development Center
  • pray for God to continue to drive the vision of the teacher training program
  • pray for God to guide me personally as I transition to new ministry in teacher training residence life
  • pray for my move out of my old dorm, that relationships would remain positive and that I might still be a light to those I am leaving
  • pray for God to provide a teacher from our faith who can live in S-Village and start a school there
  • pray for God to knock on the hearts of the people living in S-Village and that they would respond
  • pray for my language learning, that it would not be a discouragement or hinderance to my ministry, and that my language would come quickly
  • pray for my grade 9 students as they prepare for national testing, and that they would continue to be receptive to what God might teach them this semester
  • pray for my CPR students, that they would be ready and willing to utilize the knowledge given to them
  • pray for the 9 teachers in town this month from all over the country participating in teacher training
  • pray for some of my friends who have to deal with extremely difficult circumstances due to their choice to follow our religion instead of the majority religion

31 January 2012

  • 2012 – Please pray for the coming year, specifically for vision and perseverance as God reveals more specific direction.
  • Continued health – In December I got sick with Dengue Fever, but have been blessed to get over it quickly. Please pray for continued health and that sickness would not get in the way of the work being done here.
  • Teacher Training – Our team here has begun a teacher training center. Please pray that financial needs in this regard would be met, and that God would direct students to our program.
  • Encouragement with Language Learning – I have hit a bit a of a plateau with language learning. Please pray for continued encouragement and motivation.
  • My students – I have begun teaching a new class this semester. Please pray for open hearts and that God would speak despite the language barrier.
  • My community – Please continue to pray for God to provide effective community and relationships.

4 December 2011

  • Health – I have been sick several times this month as have many of my teammates. Please pray for protection for germs and amoebas and all the other things that swim around here!
  • December events – please pray for all of the ministry anticipated this month.
  • Language – many of you have prayed for this, thank you! Please continue to pray for my language and culture learning.
  • My students – please pray they would implement some of the things they have learned this semester and that God would continue to work in and stir them.
  • My community – please pray for the people I interact with on a daily basis, that I would be able to minister to and encourage them.

17 October 2011

  • that God would continue to supply solid stateside church connections and support
  • for the people of Southeast Asia
  • for continued health
  • that the language would come quickly
  • for my 9th grade class, that God would provide inspiration and guidance in teaching
  • for development of relationships and community