He’s Here!

Welcome to the world! We are so excited and blessed to announce the birth of our second son, Noel Dustin Ranja Nggili. He made his appearance two weeks early on December 23, 2023. We are so thankful to God for a smooth and healthy delivery and baby.

As I sat in the hospital shortly following Noel’s birth, I was reflecting on so many miracles that God has done over the last several months for our family to get us to this point. Travel logistics, healthcare, finances, and the list goes on. We experienced some complications during Noel’s birth that made me wonder had we gone through the birth on our island in Indonesia, would he had survived? But God was and has been with us throughout the journey and this process. Thank YOU for all your prayers.

We have enjoyed seeing many of you during our time here in the states and we look forward to meeting many of you in the days and weeks to come. Right now, we are working out Noel’s passport and immigration to return to Indonesia. We estimate we will be heading back around March, if all goes smoothly. We are looking forward to jumping back into our lives and ministry in Indonesia, we miss it a lot!

Ezra’s Corner

Florida has been so fun! I’ve seen so many new things like a fire truck, excavator, police car and choo choo train. But my absolute FAVORITE thing to see is the garbage truck that comes down our street! Twice a week I convince my Mom-Mom or Pop-Pop to stand with me and watch the garbage truck man pick up the garbage. It’s SO COOL! I’m also learning English a lot. My Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop read books with me and I’m picking up new vocabulary, even though my Mama says I speak English with an Indonesian accent. But Papa says I speak Indonesian with an American accent, so I’m confused. When I first came to America I only wanted to eat fish and rice, but now I’ve learned that Mac n’ Cheese and pizza are SO YUMMY!

Noel’s Corner

Hi I’m Noel! My Mama and Papa said they gave me the name Noel because I was the best Christmas gift since Jesus, whatever that means. I love my new family and being in the world. Mostly I love milk, sleep and being walked around outside. I’ve learned how to hold my head up and sometime I can even smile! I’m a good sleeper and love to be held by anyone. Mama says I have her eyes but Papa says I have his hair.

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