Back to Indo

We have just arrived in Bali and are awaiting our flight to our tiny island. We have truly felt God’s presence and your prayers as we navigated long flights with our kids and a lot of baggage. We are grateful.

We had an incredible few months in the states and we were so blessed to connect with and meet with many of you. We are looking forward to jumping back into ministry in Indonesia.

Other than Noel’s memorable birth, we made a lot of great memories with family and supporters during our stay in the US. We were especially thankful and grateful to meet many of you at Bible Studies, socials, lunch events, and church. Here are a few highlights from our trip:

Prayer Requests

Thank you for your commitment to pray for us. Here are a couple of specific requests you can be praying for as we readjust.

  • Jet lag and climate adaptation for all of us
  • Culture shock, especially for Ezra as he readjusts
  • The continuation of building our house
  • Our plan to reopen our home library
  • Preparation and building to add grade 6 to our main school starting in July
Our House in Progress

Ezra’s Corner

I’ve loved my time in America!! I got to see a lot of different trucks like fire trucks, excavators, garbage trucks, and police cars. I can’t wait to go back to Indonesia and tell my Indonesian cousins all about it! I speak mostly English now except with my Papa. I’ve learned a lot of English while in America. I’ll miss my Mom-mom, Pop-pop and cousins a lot but I am excited to see my family in Indonesia and of course play in the dirt and mud a lot more!! I miss fish and rice too.

Noel’s Corner

Mama says she can’t believe how big I am, now that I’m 3 months old! I’m a smiling talking machine and especially love outside, wind, and looking at lights. My big brother likes to give me so many kisses and hugs, I think it’s so funny. Mama keeps saying she wants to eat me up, can you believe that?!?!?

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