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The Little Things

Ezra exploring one of our rice fields

Sticks, stones, thrown away water bottles, old toothbrushes, bottle caps. Little things, all garbage to me. But for our 1 year old Ezra, these things are fascinating, amazing, and open up a new world that he’s never known before. I’m in awe of him, each day living with such excitement and gusto to learn about the world around him. We have thoroughly enjoyed watching him during this stage, newly walking, excited to go everywhere and anywhere and see new things. Ezra’s hobbies include walking around (himself of course), rolling around in the sand, and feeding the chickens and pigs. During our walks, he often stops to pick up something on the ground that I hadn’t even noticed, a small piece of bamboo, a piece of trash, or a little rock. It’s all amazing to him.

Ezra joins the Indonesian Flag Ceremony for Heroes Day
Christmas Cookie Decorating

Watching Ezra live with awe and excitement for every piece of trash and thing he meets reminds me of the incredible moments and blessings that surround me each day, that over time I have come to take for granted. I realized too, that dozens of kids run around my neighborhood each day, never having the opportunity to experience so many things that we in the west take for granted. What experiences have they never had? What stories of Jesus have they never heard?

During this past Christmas season we invited kids from around our neighborhood to come to our home and hear the Christmas story while decorating Christmas cookies and doing Christmas crafts. It was incredible to watch these kids engage with such enthusiasm in something they had never done before (even a few adults joined in)! We thank God for each of them, and are so thankful to have the opportunity to serve them.

In this new year, our family has taken on a few new small ministries beyond the school building and community development that we were already doing. In November, Faith restarted mentoring 2 female teachers from our school. Erdy has been working with a village to help them build an outdoor sporting court with bamboo. Additionally, this past month we started weekly Bible crafts with the kids in our neighborhood, and a monthly small group gathering of about 20 teachers from our school. And as soon as our bookshelf arrives (still on order), we will open our reading nook in the front room of our home.

Ezra’s Corner

Hiiii it’s me! Did my Mama already tell you about me? I’m already 1 year and 4 months old now. I loooove talking and walking and singing. Every day I ask Mama to play music. Sometimes I get confused because my Mama and Papa use different words for the same thing. Is it a pig? Or babi? I don’t know, but I do my best to remember all the words!! My favorite word is bath, because when I say it enough times, Mama and Papa put me in a big bucket and I get to splash around! Every afternoon I help my Papa feed the cow and help my grandma feed the chicken and pigs. Then I love to run around and eat and run around and sing songs and dance! My favorite thing is when my Papa says nennnngggggg and I get to ride on the motorcycle with him. Oh and did I mention books?? I love book so so much, especially the ones my Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop in America sent me! The pictures are so funny. And guess what!! Now that I’m so big, Mama brings me to school sometimes!!! I love going to school with Mama, I have so many friends there.


“I always thought that if someone fell, that was it, there was nothing we can do. Today I am thankful because I learned CPR. Wow. Who knew we could do something to help them?” That’s what one of my students said yesterday during a time of thanksgiving. What a great week I have had teaching them CPR. Make sure to watch the video below.


Sweet Victory

What an incredible basketball season it has been. We started off the season getting slaughtered by a couple of teams. My girls worked hard in practice though, and as we developed our game we began to come back and win against some tough teams.The season here is just practice for the annual end of the season tournament between a coalition of International schools from across the country.

It was the first year our school had hosted the tournament for basketball, and all eyes were on us. We had sadly lost the last couple of games as well as a practice tournament we had participated in. My girls were tired and discouraged, but tough! Teams traveled from all over Southeast Asia, and we played 2 days of round robin play followed by a day of playoffs (8 games in 3 days…everyone was tired). We were excited going into the tournament but were unable to deliver, coming out of the round robin play with a record of 1-4 ranked 6th out of 6. We would play the 3rd ranked team in the elimination round on Sunday and the winner would advance to the semi-finals.

My assistant coaches and I had made a deal with the girls that if they made it to the Final we would wear our most formal black dresses. We hung our dresses in the locker room on Sunday as motivation, but I can honestly say neither of us expected to have to wear them. We came into the elimination round tired and struggling to wake up. We trailed the whole game, but somehow with 4 minutes to go in the 4th quarter my girls found some energy, put on a full court press, and proceeded to win the game by 6. Miraculously, our 6th ranked team was going to the semi-finals!

We had only an hour of rest before the semi-finals began. We were slotted to play the favorited team to win the whole tournament. With a couple of really tall girls and highly skilled posts, we were no match for these giants. We had lost by 10 or so to this team the day before. With no fear, my girls went out and played the game of their lives. Sinking 3s, making steals, playing together and boxing out like they had never done before, they once again walked away with a strong but close victory. We were going to the finals. I would have to get into my dress.

It was a comeback story and my girls were determined to see it to the end. The team we were playing in the finals had beat us by 12 the day before, but my girls wanted revenge. It was a close game and we tied it up several times, but we just couldn’t manage to grab onto the lead. But this was a home game, and the desire and courage was high. With the fans cheering loudly, my girls went into the 4th quarter, once again put on a strong press, and walked away with a win by 6.

The verse that has been on my heart these weeks is Romans 5:3-5, “And not only that, but we also boast in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not disappoint us, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us.”

What a joy it was to walk through this road of suffering, endurance, character and finally hope with these phenomenal, hard working, determined girls!

coaches in our black dresses:

Here’s the photo album.

Watch a video of the final minutes: