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Camden Reflections: Taking Camden to Southeast Asia

So, why do I spend all of this time talking about Camden? Well, to put it simply, Camden has had a profound impact on how I view the world. Please take the time to listen to these podcasts about Camden and how it has challenged my assumptions and been a part of my critical preparation for Southeast Asia.

Episode I: Hope for the City
Episode II: Street Leaders are Awesome
Episode III: Basketball is Butt
Episode IV: Respect and Connections
Episode V: Taking Camden to Southeast Asia

Camden Reflections Part 1

As I finish 2010 and reflect on all that God has done, I can’t help but remember the children of Camden who have changed my life so very much. Over the next week, I will be issuing a series of audio podcasts of my reflections from Camden. Download the mp3s, load them onto your iPod and listen to them on your car trips to and from visiting family for Christmas!

Episode 1: Hope for the City