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Which Way?

WorldLead 2016

Last November I found myself on a plane headed for Boca Raton Community Church’s annual WorldLead conference. I truly love traveling alone, the feeling of invisibility in airports full of people, and the unique opportunity to witness people from all over the world cross paths. My first stop was Kuala Lumpur, and I was the lucky one who got to sit at the front of the plane. With only one person in front of me, I relished the chance to get off the plane quickly and beat the crowd. The person in front of me was a Malaysian, polite, and visibly well traveled. As we walked through the jet bridge into the concourse, I noticed the signs which normally indicate which way to walk were absent. As we came through, the Malaysian in front of me turned right, so I naturally followed, as did the large crowd of people behind me. The man in front of me soon after turned around in shock and quickly said “Not this way! I’m only going to the bathroom. Go left to get out of the concourse.” I paused in my tracks, looking left and right. It was unclear which way to go. Meanwhile the flocks of people continued right, following the man who was only headed for the bathroom. I considered. Do I follow the instructions of this man I don’t know, even though it goes against my initial instinct? Or do I follow the crowd, the safe option? I considered for a minute before deciding to go left, against the crowd but in line with the advice of the local Malaysian. Within minutes I began smiling to myself as I realized I had indeed made the right choice. Meanwhile flocks of people continued walking in the wrong direction.

As I sat waiting for my connecting flight I pondered and reflected on this experience I had just had. In so many ways it reflects our lives as God’s children. God rarely calls us to follow the crowd in an easy, safe manner. He is calling us to turn away from the crowd, completely trust him, and walk towards the unknown. His voice is whispering to us daily, giving us the opportunity to follow in faith or turn away.

Future Teachers

The past few months have been incredibly full but so rewarding. I was so blessed by the WorldLead assembly last month. Our oldest group of students has already begun teaching. We have made progress on opening a new school on another island. And most of all, God’s voice has been speaking to many of the students. It’s a joy and privilege to grow together with them.

Our teacher training program is growing and developing and it’s so exciting! In just a few months we will graduate and send 12 students to be teachers in remote schools all over the country. Over these next few years we are going to be sending teachers every year to be disciplers of the good news to villages everywhere, and we are only just beginning. Please pray for these teachers in training, as they step out in faith to go to the most difficult, least reached areas of this nation to bring good news and education.

Let’s change the world together

Would you consider joining my team? I’m looking for people who are willing to come together with me in being a part of what God is doing in Southeast Asia. I’m willing to go, will you help send me?


(Faith Wilson Account #111497)

Thanks for coming together with me to change the world! I love having you as a part of my support team. I can’t wait to discover what God has dreamed for Southeast Asia in the coming months and years.

Irony and a Prayer Request

“The moment we recognize our complete weakness and our dependence upon Him will be the very moment that the Spirit of God will exhibit His power.” (Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest) Oh how I bank on the truth of this statement.

Nothing can prepare you to live and lead across cultures. Before I moved here I did a lot of studying, including taking a grad class on leading cross-culturally, but I am finding the only way to learn how is to do it and fail. I am preparing my 9th grade class for a short term trip in a couple of weeks. We will be going to a school to teach in an area that was affected by a volcano eruption a couple of years ago. Like any short term trip, my hope and desire is that the students would be stretched and grown into stronger leaders.

As a part of our preparation this week I am doing an exercise in class that will aim to help them identify assumptions they have and experience a simulation of what it’s like to experience cross-cultural stress and intercultural communication. Even though the area we are going to is in the same country, every region of this country has different micro cultures, so I anticipate it will be a cross-cultural experience for everyone.

The ironic truth is this: I’m incredibly nervous about performing this simulation on Monday and its effectivity. Why? Because I myself am trying to communicate across cultures. As I prepare the simulation I am being reminded of my own assumptions: that the students will understand the rules of the game, that the students will follow the rules, that the students will participate. All of these are essential for the effectivity of the simulation. But I long ago learned that these things can’t be assumed. I know full well that I may show up on Monday and the room isn’t available, or some students are absent, or they don’t understand what I’m trying to communicate.

And so I find myself arriving at that moment Chambers talks about. I am of complete weakness. I have to depend on Him. He is the great interpretor. I can spend days preparing, but it is the Holy Spirit who does the teaching, not me. If I fail, I fail. But He does not fail.

Please pray for my class on Monday. Pray that the students would understand. Pray that the Holy Spirit will interpret. Pray that cultural and linguistic barriers would be eliminated. But most of all, pray for my students, that God would stir in them His dreams and desires.

The Nit-Grit: Hitting the Ground Running

Last December I was challenged to “hit the ground running” in 2012. Sick with Dengue fever, tired, and overwhelmed, all I could think of was “hitting the ground”. However I find myself in the month of March having sprinted through the last 2 months, and I don’t dare look back! Read about some of the incredible things God is doing here. Seriously, you gotta read it. It’s nuts!

teacher training center

What’s the best way to create quality schools? Create quality teachers. Years of work previously done by the team here is culminating as ground was broken to build our new teacher training and early childhood development center. The program will be multifaceted, including training for teachers from all over the country as well as training teachers who will later go teach in one of our schools out in the villages. The need is pressing, the vision is great, and we step out in faith trusting that God will provide the funds needed for this center. (If you are interested in helping sponsor the building of this teacher training center, send me an email and I’ll get you in contact with the right people.)

old dorm new dorm

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time spent in this dorm with local college students but am excited about my upcoming transition to living with and developing students in our teacher training center. We are still praying through the details of this, but my ministry will be making a transition into greater involvement with the residence life of those involved in our new teacher training program.


S-Village is a tiny village nested in the mountains of a remote region of this country. S-village has practiced a local religion for all of it’s existence, but as times change this village struggles for survival. To save themselves they beg for education. With the new generation thirsty for a new religion, will they be quenched by a government majority religion school, or will we be able to open a school there and teach them the ways of the kingdom? Pray for S-village and for our team as we search for ways to save the souls of this village.

language learning

I’M ALMOST DONE!!!! Well with formal classes that is. Language learning has been a test of perseverance for me. I’m not fluent yet but I am encouraged as I near the end of my formal language classes. I’ve appreciated the prayers, keep ‘em coming!


Despite all that is going on, I am still teaching grade 9. It has been a great semester so far as we just finished a section on Worldviews. We will be taking a short trip to a village school up near one of the volcanos later next month. I have also begun teaching CPR and first aid to four 11th grade students hungry to learn. It has been fun for all of us.


In case you didn’t hear….WE WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP! I’m so proud of my girls who came from a last placed ranking to winning the whole thing. Read the comeback story or check out the photo album.


prayer requests

Ok brace yourself–there’s lots:

  • for God to provide the funding for the new Teacher Training and Early Childhood Development Center
  • for God to continue to drive the vision of the teacher training program
  • for God to guide me personally as I transition to new ministry in teacher training residence life
  • for my move out of my old dorm, that relationships would remain positive and that I might still be a light to those I am leaving
  • for God to provide a teacher from our faith who can live in S-Village and start a school there
  • for God to knock on the hearts of the people living in S-Village and that they would respond
  • for my language learning, that it would not be a discouragement or hinderance to my ministry, and that my language would come quickly
  • for my grade 9 students as they prepare for national testing, and that they would continue to be receptive to what God might teach them this semester
  • for my CPR students, that they would be ready and willing to utilize the knowledge given to them
  • for the 9 teachers in town this month from all over the country participating in teacher training
  • for some of my friends who have to deal with extremely difficult circumstances due to their choice to follow our religion instead of the majority religion

Thank you for your prayers!

A Need: Clean Water for Disaster Relief

Many of you know that this country has one of the highest rates of disasters in the world. Between volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, wildfires and typhoons, this area has experienced its fair share of disasters.

I have recently joined a Disaster Response Team in my area that stands ready to respond to any disaster in the country within hours of its occurrence. I will likely be on the team that is initially on the ground, assessing the situation, caring for basic needs and identifying immediately needed supplies. As I prepare my “go bag”, I am in search of a small, immediate clean water solution to provide basic first aid with, as well as to filter water for drinking for the first day or two while on the ground. I know many camping stores have various solutions, however I do not have access to any of those here.

So my petition is this: does anyone know or have any ideas for a short-term clean water solution? Please send me an email if you do. Even if you have a contact that would be able to help, that would be great. Thank you!

Moments and Miracles

As many of you know, the journey for my visa has been a tense one. I received my papers from Asia later than expected. This caused me to not be able to actually apply for my visa until one week before my scheduled departure. According to the consulate website, “it takes five working days or longer when the visa application obtained by mail/package, starting the date when we received the visa application”. With Wednesday being a holiday for them, that gave them four days to get it back in my hands, and only three days to process it.

This has been a great test of faith for me. Last week I told my mom, “It will take a miracle to get that visa in time. I am also fully expecting to get that visa in time.” This morning was a bit discouraging as I looked up the tracking number and noticed it hadn’t been shipped. I began to accept the fact that I would not likely be leaving Monday morning.

God is sovereign, all-knowing and never late. To my GREAT surprise, my visa arrived this morning. Thanks to all of you who were praying so hard for this miracle to happen. I depart Monday morning!

I imagine this is just the first of many miracles and demonstrations of God’s providence I am going to experience. Thank you for coming along on this journey with me.

The Clock is Ticking

counting down

The clock is ticking and I am so excited that I am now counting down the days until my departure! Lord-willing, if I am able to raise all of my support in time, I will be departing for Southeast Asia this coming July 1.

Hopefully many of you received a recent letter from me in the mail. If you did not, and would like to, please send me your information so I can send one your way.

Once I reach Southeast Asia, I will be working with those already there to reach Southeast Asians through Christian Education. Education is something that is very close to my heart, so I am very excited about this new possibility!

progress & needs

I am very excited to announce that by the grace of God I am nearly 80% fundraised. My sending organization Pioneers requires I am 100% fundraised before I depart. Would you be willing to help me with this last 20%? Here are my needs:

  • 3 people to commit to $10/month
  • 2 people to commit to $20/month
  • 2 people to commit to $50/month
  • 1 person to commit to $100/month

If you are feeling led to partner with me but are unable to do so monthly, I need one-time supporters as well to help me get there. Would you prayerfully consider partnering with me?

To do so, click here (Faith Wilson, Acct #111497) to partner monthly, and click here to donate one-time.

prayer requests

My other huge need is prayer partners! Would you be willing to commit to pray for me? You can download my prayer card, or if you see me around before I leave just ask me for one. Here are some specific prayer requests:

  • endurance through final preparations
  • healthy, meaningful goodbyes
  • provision of needs
  • protection against anything that could get in the way of my departure

I cannot thank you all enough for the many ways you have supported me through this process. I look forward to my next update coming from Southeast Asia!

Bunny Slopes and Preparations

gun it!

I have Florida blood through and through. I recently had the opportunity to visit a friend who lives on Mammoth Mountain, and I was reminded of my inability to deal with the cold. But I suited up (in MANY layers), and hit the slopes.

Now keep in mind, I had never been skiing before (or anything of the sort). Apparently this makes for great entertainment for experienced skiers. My first trip down the bunny slope was wild! With the cold wind and a giant smile on my face, I gunned it. I cruised down that hill in what felt like seconds. I felt so free, so alive! At the bottom, however, I was (gently) informed that speeding down a slope without control or the ability to safely stop does not make for good skiing. So, I tried again, concentrating on making careful, safe turns, and controlling my speed and my direction.

That gun-it run at the beginning of the day taught me a lesson. As I graduated to more difficult slopes, it was important that I had spent time on the bunny hill learning the importance of patience and preparation.

patience & preparation

“Therefore, prepare your minds for action; be self-controlled; set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed.” [1 Peter 1:13]

My journey to Asia has brought about similar lessons. Be patient and prepare. Of course I can’t possibly foresee every turn, and I certainly can’t prevent every fall. (I sure fell a lot while skiing! Watch some funny videos here.) I trust God will guide me through the unexpected turns and He will use every fall as a learning experience.

I can’t do this on my own. Like on the hill, I need to rely on my community (YOU!) to take the journey with me.

progress & prayer requests

I need your help and support as I prepare. God has provided a lot of financial support already, but I sill have quite a bit of money to raise. If you haven’t already, would you be willing to partner with me? Just click on the giving button to the right, or  print out a response card.

I’m still on the bunny slopes, but the black diamonds are quickly approaching. Would you commit to pray for me? Please pray for:

  • potential financial partners
  • continued spiritual protection

Please visit my prayer page for more prayer requests.

Finally, I will be sending out a mailed update soon. Would you allow me to send you one? If you have not already, please send me your information.

Thank you for taking the journey with me. I appreciate each and every one of you.